Monday, December 16, 2013

Humble Kingwood Houston TX Pet Dog Cat Horse Equestrian Ranch Polo Cowboy Circus Children's Engagement Bridal Family Portrait Photographer: Bailey's Big Top Circus

Ladies and Gentlemen, children of all ages, your attention please! Bailey's turning 12 and to celebrate, you're invited to watch the lovely and talented Bailey in her very own circus! You're about to witness great talent as she blazes the trail of glory with her beloved circus PONY Fallon! (Or she just may sit and look pretty for a portrait or two.) She'll juggle and giggle! And she'll sit with the cutest Yorkie on earth! She defies death while walking the tight rope...not too terribly far from the ground...on cement...with no net! She'll have her (ahem) chocolate grizzly bear give her a ferocious High Five! (Look out for those razor sharp claws Bailey!) For her final performance with her big, brown,  freckled-nosed bear, you'll be amazed at how she bedazzles the fuzzy beast by feeding her (ahem) fish as she tosses it from her hand and her bear viciously attacks it mid-air! And now, Welcome to Bailey's Big Top Circus!
 Happy Birthday Bailey!