Friday, December 26, 2008

Humble TX Baby Photographer: Favorite

This deserves an entry of it's own. One of my FAVORITE baby photos ever.
Mom and Dad were sure surprised with these on Christmas morning. For MiMi had done a sneaky little thing. She planned. She went behind their backs. She was secretive and sly. For while they were working, so were we. Changing and rocking and feeding. Playing, sliding, clapping. Yes, MiMi was a double-dealing nanny that day. Thank heaven!

ps...more of this sneaky session coming soon!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Humble TX Portrait Photographer: Merry Christmas

We wish you a very warm and Merry Christmas from our family to yours. To all of my family...I love you so. My friends, you mean everything to me. And to my clients: I'm honored to be part of you. Here's to many more fun, beautiful times together!
An egg nog cheers to all (mmmmmm!) -Jamie

Wishing you good fun and cheer this season.

p.s...Santa baby, I'd like a blog that lets me post bigger photos! Now hurry down the chimney tonight!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Humble Portrait Photographer FREE Photoshop Actions

For all of you photographers just starting are some FREE actions for you! They are from the talented Jodi of MCP Actions. Her work is fabulous! Be sure to thank her!
ANNNNNDDD (I added this second part for MORE fabulous FREE actions!)

The Pioneer Woman is funny and crazy! Hillarious! And has recipes to die for! She likes to give things away! Doug Boutwell of Totally Rad Actions has put together this FREE set of actions. His actions are SO AWESOME!! I have purchased TRA2 and I owe all of my editing beauty in my photos to him! Thanks Doug and Ree! You have helped me tremendously!!! Don't forget to thank them when you download the set! Merry Christmas!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Happy Birthday Baby Girl

"It's my birthday Mama!" she said as she sprung out of bed melting my heart for her innocence and excitedness. (I normally spend 15 minutes coaxing her to get up for school.) I scooped her up and gave her lots of hugs and kisses. Made up a song about the Birthday Girl and then drove the girls to school. The rush began. Oh how I wish sometimes I would make a better effort to prepare for situations. A little Christmas shopping mixed with birthday shopping and before I knew it, the clock said 2:30pm and I was still in line at Wal-Mart! The lady in front of me must of went shopping once a year! Her buggy was loaded with all sorts of foods and beverages and bags were spilling over the top. Ah, she's almost done as the cashier gave her the receipt. But she had a discrepancy with her bill! NO! This cannot be happening to me. Listen lady, I have a party to decorate for, a cake to bake, and a bit of last minute cleaning to do, not to mention children that will need me in about 45 minutes! Oh and I have Homemade Vanilla Bluebell ice cream in my basket! Now get on with it! I was supposed to be home at 2:00 or at least that's what I had planned on. Ha! don't plan on being on time if you're at Wal-Mart during holiday seasons. Finally it's my turn and I ask the lady how she's doing and with the most depressing "fine" I've ever heard my heart melted for her. The only thing I knew to do was to ask her what I could help her pray about. And so I did. She immediately lit up. She said, "I just need peace." So I said "ok, right now in Jesus name." She said thank you. Her countenance was changed. I told her that no matter what the problem was, it wasn't too small for the Lord to be concerned about too. She's still in my prayers.
So I wheeled my buggy out of the line like a mad woman only to remember that I hadn't gotten a topper for the cake yet! I wanted to get an old fashioned Barbie (but they're so heavy) so I headed to a dollar store for their cheapie looking ones they always carry. All while thinking about our precious Blue Bell melting away in the car I thought, "Oh well, we'll have to eat mushy ice cream. This mom's got to get a topper for her baby's cake!" I walked up and down the toy aisles a million times scanning for those cheap plastic imitation Barbie's but not a one did I find! "You've got to be kidding me." bluebellbluebellbluebellchildrencakefoodcleaning. My thougts were haunting me. I head over to the party section in hopes of finding something there and to my surprise and delight, they had the most beautiful figurines sitting so pretty on the shelf. I grabbed the blonde one and jetted to the check out. Looking at my most beloved find, I knew my baby would love her!
When she got home she asked me what I got to put on her cake. I pulled the beauiful figurine out of the bag her eyes got big and her jaw dropped in utter disbelief. "Oh mama, she's so pretty." Thank you!" You would've thought she was a Llardro or something! As I was getting the food ready, she handed me a note that said: "Thank you Mom for decorating for my party." And for the third time that day my heart melted. Happy Birthday baby girl!

Meet Max. He came to the party too. He's my sister-in-laws Christmas present. She loves his eyes. They go every whicha way.

I shot these with my new 60mm 2.8 macro lens. I LOVE IT! I cannot wait to see the results from my first baby session with it!!!!!
Our Favorite.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Humble/Kingwood Photographer: HILLARIOUS

This is so funny! Yesterday we went downtown to take the girls ice skating outside and weeeellll, it was a bit warm. So when we arrived the ice rink was uh, a lake. The girls were VERY disappointed. So we just walked around and listened to the music playing and really had a wonderful time. My girls always run when I get my camera out...not really but nevermind. So I was shocked to hear the words out of my middle daughter's mouth when she said: "Hey Mom, you can do a photo shoot of me." What was that you said? Are my ears failing me? So I said ok. I just let her do what SHE wanted to do. So she walked over to this little tree and said: "Mom, I can hang up here like...CRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR this!??!!?!?!?!" The poor wittle tree was on the brink of losing one of it's 4 branches when I snapped this! HILLARIOUS!! She was SO shocked!!! By the way...she is wanting a camera of her own for Christmas and I am quite sure Santa will bring her one. She shot those photos of me to right...over where it says About. Oh yah! Santa will deliver!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Children's Portrait Photographer Humble Kingwood TEXAS

Amy, Amy, Amy. Terry, Terry, Terry. What a FUN FUN FUN session we had! Spontaneous and full of cheer is how I would describe it. I loved watching your children play and interact with you. They are so sweet and I think they liked my camera?! You have a lovely family. I think I hear the walls in your home shouting for joy at the thought of these resting on them! WOOHOO!
What walls? What did you say? You're getting in the Christmas mood? Well sing it!...
"Oh Canvas me, Oh Canvas me!" Oh dear me. I think I've done it now!
Thank you for having me capture these for you Amy and Terry!

WARNING! Seriously expressionate, beautiful, happy children below. Enter at your own risk!!!

GORGEOUSNESS begats gorgeousness.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Congratulations Katelyn & Clark

She's here! Little E has arrived and she is a doll! Her skin is creamy and smooth. She is simply perfect in every way! You may remember her Mommy and Daddy from Katelyn's maternity session. Katelyn, Adrian is over the moon "exsited" about getting to visit with you yesterday! Congratulations Katelyn and Clark! You have a beautiful baby girl!

Some of the elderly, talented ladies in Katelyn and Clark's community knitted these hats for the newborns in December...
Baby Clause

Saturday, December 6, 2008

For My Southern Belle Mommy

Only a smidge of what's in store for you Amy! And dear Lord, is Amy ever a Southern Belle! She is completely gorgeous and ultra feminine.

Humble Kingwood Atascocita Photographer

Hi future clients! I'm glad you stopped by! If you haven't already, jet on over to my website! Hope to see you soon! -Jamie

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Humble, TX Photographer Christmas Portraits

I have great news for you gorgeous families! If you're wanting to get portraits to send out with your Christmas cards, I have the following dates available:

Saturday December 6 @ 3:30pm
Saturday December 13 @ 3:30pm
If you haven't already been to my website, hop on over! See you soon!
Session Fees are $150.00 (plus tax) for families up to four. $25 per additional person. Prints are not included in Session Fee. Digital files (CD) are available for purchase for $225. All photos from your session (normally 25-35 images) will be put on the CD. If you have any questions, contact me via email or by phone 832-527-6777.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Dramatic. Bold. Natural.

Any good company or business takes time to evaluate themselves. So lately, I've been doing some evaluating of my own. I've been wanting to update the "About" section on my website and brainstormed, searched deep within, and read my clients, friends comments about my photos for inspiration to do so. This comes so easy for some but for me, the perfectionist, wants just the right commentary to describe my work. I am blessed to be able to capture moments, emotion, and realness for families.

Dramatic. Bold. Natural.

Dramatic: first and foremost because just the appearance of the word gets my blood pumping.
Bold: because it grabs my attention and yours too.
Natural: because it's best for you and me.
At first glance, you wouldn't think that Natural would fit in with Dramatic or Bold. But indeed it fits with those two words like a glove. Why I choose these words is simple. It's what shows up in my portraits. And before I made sure I wanted to use those words, I looked them up in Webster's to make sure they indeed did fit my style like a glove. (perfectionist alert!)

Dramatic: striking in appearance or effect Check.
Bold: standing out prominently Check.
Natural: having a physical or real existence Check.

And because the proof is always in the puddin'...




Saturday, November 29, 2008