Sunday, September 27, 2009

Humble Kingwood Houston TX Children's Family Photographer: Fraction of a Second

This hangs proudly in their Mommy's office in gigantic size! When I walked in and saw it, I was taken back and stood with tears in my eyes knowing that God allowed me to capture innocence, love, expression, a moment. He allowed me to capture this fraction of a second that will be cherished forever.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Humble Kingwood Houston TX Children's Family Photographer: Miss Creative

Hair, wardrobe, and cuteness by: Miss Creative herself...

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Humble Kingwood Houston TX Children's Family Photographer: His Eyes

Oh his look in the first portrait! His hair, his eyes, his curiosity. His eyes. His eyes. His eyes! Black and white portraits set my heart afire! AFIRE I tell you!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Humble Kingwood Houston TX Equestrian Horse Photographer: Smitten

My days are eaten up with him. I am smitten. He is smitten...when he sees food! I've looked over every crevace, wrinkle, and smoothe place on him and he's perfect. Not like perfect/perfect but perfect for me. No one/nothing is perfect and that's a good thing. His coloring is most elegant. His blue eyes are as the heavens. And his NOSE! That pink, soft, squishy, irrestistable NOSE! Ah! I photograph it often! Adorable! Yes! I love our horse!

He doesn't like you touching his ears. He doesn't like it when you pet him while he's eating (though I do.) He doesn't like backing up when you're on him (we're working on that) but he does it perfectly when we're doing ground work. He loves apples. He loves cookies. He loves me! He's a good listener but sometimes stubborn. He likes going fast! And I mean FAST! 4th gear was nothing compared to 5th! That's the day...well yesterday when He came to a sudden stop and I went flying over his head! I was ok thank the Lord! My neck muscles are sore but that's a story all in itself and I will tell of it along with others one day. He loves his purple bucket. He loves his shady area in his corral. He loves eating the green grass just outside of his much so that he doesn't bother lifting his head -not even once while he grazes! He is a pleasure to be around and a sight to behold! I thank the Lord for him and what he's given to me daily. This Scout boy is somethin' else and has completely changed my life forever. I'm smitten y'all!

Can you spy the fly?

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Humble Kingwood Houston Equestrian Horse Photographer: What He Loves

When we drive up his ears sit forward, his eyes light up. He struts quickly to the fence with his mane swinging back and forth (quite beautiful). He watches us get out of the car. Then he starts to pace back and forth trying to hurry us up. When we get out, he peeks through the fence boards with his piercing, quizzical blue eyes watching us steadily for that container with the goods in it. Oh hurry! Hurry he tells us! We pour his precious, sweet, delicious oats in his purple bucket and set it on the wooden fence. Not even able to get it hooked on the boards, his head plows in. He hardly comes up for a breath while he eats. You should hear him licking the very last bits of his oats...I wish I could record it...quite hillarious and cute. Well, it's just what he loves. Oats.