Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Free To Succeed

"Babe!" Oh my goodness. Come here! I want to go to this conference! It's only $49 if I'm one of the first 30 people to sign up! "Whatcha waitin' for girl?" And with those words and the burning up of my fingers on my keyboard, I booked my spot for the Free To Succeed Tour with David Jay and Jasmine Star. So let me begin by saying that if you are a photographer -no matter where you are in your photography walk, you MUST go to this conference. Next Paragraph..."If you make your business helping other people, you'll always have plenty of work." And those were the opening words of David Jay. I'm not just a girl with a camera that can take rockin' portraits! I am helping others do what they cannot. Hey, I can't work on a car, fix your air-conditioner, or sew. But what I can do is capture the moments in life that mean the world to you in an incredibly artistic, bold, moving way! And that is helping others. David Jay was so real and down to earth. He never once gave me the impression that he was "Mr. It" by his success. He was in fact very genuine and so desires to help others to be successful too with his knowledge and information. Next Paragraph...(this is so dumb...I can't press enter to start a new paragraph. And if I change my settings or navigate off of this page, I will lose my work above! Will look into that after this post. uuuuuhhh) Bring in the lovely Jasmine Star. With her high energy, speed-lightening words, and determination in full swing, she delivered the most incredible presentation I could've hoped for. She laughed, she cried, she said, "Oh no You Di-ent!" She made me feel very comfortable and in her "league." When she started by saying that she once sat where we were, well, that did it. My throat got all choked up and lumpy and tears filled my eyes. "This girl is real", I said to myself holding back the tears. She knows what it's like to desire to be the best that YOU can be. She knows what it's like to lack the many things that we long for and need. She's fabulous. She's a great leader. I don't want to say too much for the people that haven't heard this fabulous one-two punch yet but believe me, you will walk away from this meeting with fierce determination and mighty tools in hand to catapult you into the next level in your business. Thank you so much David Jay and Jasmine for encouraging, inspiring, and challenging me! Next Paragraph... OKKKK!!!! WHAT?!?!? I am so on the blog of Jasmine (well in a little spot about the size of my pinky nail.) Look at the group shot on the very far'll see a little blue shirt and head with glasses) And for my BIG debut, I'm on Kenny Kim's blog! SCREEEEEEEEEAM!!! Kenny and I chatted last night and he's very kind not to mention a fabulous photographer! And he has the most gorgeous business cards! I love the photos Kenny! And now for a major HELLO to my new friend, Patricia Pentecost of Plumb Tree Studios!!!!! We had a blast last night! Thanks for the shots of me and Jasmine! Hey girl, I'm ready for "Photographer's Think Tank" We Will! WOOOOOOOOOOOO! Thanks for the ride to The House of Pies to meet my precious girls and hubby! MyRick, thank you for your support! I love you!

I call this: the close lip look.

What was I doing? What was I thinking?

Uuum. I don't know.

We had a blast taking these! WOOOOOOOO!!! Love ya Jasmine!


Cindy Umpleby said...

Thanks for this great post. I've never met Jasmine before, but she and I have emailed a couple of times, and I had a chance meeting with DJ in an empty coffee shop one morning (I couldn't BELIEVE it!!) And you are so right, they are absolutely the real deal! Glad you had fun. I can't wait to see them in Orlando in Sept. One more thing, I LOVED that you had to type "next paragraph" in your post - LOL. That is sooo like me:)
Nice to meet you through the net:)

Jasmine said...

Hollllla! :)
It was so nice meeting you! :)

plumtreestudios said...

You crack me up! Think Tank is up and running and HUNGRY for members! I called you, emailed you and now I'm-a stalkin' you on your blog! You were supposed to be MY compass! Sorry about the crazy pics, there....funny, but BAD photography. I TOLD you I didn't know your camera! My bad! ;)